Christmas Card 2013 – House Diorama

Christmas Card 2013 - House Diorama

Christmas Card 2013 – House Diorama (Click it to see it bigger at Flickr.)

In 2012 we couldn’t get a card done in time. Our dog had just died and Paris was away at college. The motivation and planning didn’t come together. But this year we’re back! Mary had the idea of a diorama and we decided to make one of our house decorated for Christmas.

  • Roof – We cut up some extra shingles from the new roof we got this year.
  • Bricks – We took photos of the different bricks, printed them life size, and cut them up.
  • Windows – Mary cut out the windows and trim, using colors similar to the house. We tried to keep the whole thing slightly cartoonish and handmade-looking.
  • Bushes – Those are made of leaves from the actual holly bushes we have. Dangerous work hot gluing those together!
  • Christmas tree – My grandmother made that ceramic tree a long time ago.
  • Wreath and “lights” – Mary strung up some beads to make lights and made the wreath from green pipe cleaners.
  • Gravel – Straight from the driveway. Not exactly correct but a lot easier than making grass and a sidewalk.

Finally, each family member made his or her “self.”

We started with a piece of foam core cut out for the house and glued the bricks and other parts to it. Then we backed with a piece of drywall also cut to the shape. Then put the whole thing on a large square of drywall so we could light it from behind and have the Christmas tree “inside.” We put pieces of colored paper behind the windows to create the appearance of rooms. The photos below show the set up.

As usual, these cards end up being a lot more work than we expect. But I don’t regret one minute spent working with my family to make something for ourselves, and other family and friends.

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Christmas Card 2011 – Gingerbread People

Christmas Card 2011 - Gingerbread People

Christmas Card 2011 - Gingerbread People (Click it to see it bigger at Flickr.)

This year instead of using our bodies to make something we decided to use something to make our bodies. Gingerbread is the obvious seasonal choice for a medium. Yes, they/we taste good too…

Christmas card 2011 back photo

Christmas card 2011 back photo

On the inside we decided to do a Sigler version of Mad Libs. Sorry Mad Libs for using your logo. Consider it free advertising. Mad Libs are fun and this idea gets out of long handwritten notes on every card. Nobody else seems to do that anyhow. Click the images for a closer view.

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style - Part 1

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style - Part 2

See you next year.

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Detail of patch pocket. Two rows of topstitching for looks and avoiding slip stitching.

Mary has just started her new blog for sewing and all things related to fabric and fiber. In addition to posting projects there will be all sorts of tips and how-to stuff, and a lot of it will be in video form.

The blog design work hasn’t been done yet, but she’s not letting that stop her. I’ll feature some of the projects here too.

Check out

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Christmas Card 2010 – Christmas Tree, with Dog

That’s how we do it. Hey! I just made a Facebook page for this blog. Please click the “Like” button over there on the right.

We just got the cards delivered yesterday. I normally wait until we have them mailed before I post about the latest card, but since some folks may not get theirs before Christmas I thought I would share it now.

As you can see in the video our dog Mika was determined to be part of the action. So, for the first time in his eight years we have included him.

And speaking of being included, if you’re not on our list just let me know and we will correct that.

Next year we’re going to try something different.

Christmas Card 2010

And here is the shot before the PhotoShopping… Read the rest of this post »

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Terri Sigler – Asheville Glass Blowing Superstar

Talk about DIY! OK, I will. This is my long lost cousin (probably) Terri Sigler. Not only has she learned the complex art of glass blowing she has managed to build her own studio completely from scratch. And from scratch includes her skill set. She had to research how to design it, then learn the various trades to construct it, from welding to electrical.

In the video above she and an intern are making Christmas ornaments at a recent studio open house. In the video below takes us on a tour of the glass blowing shop she built.

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Judith Beers – Bookmaking and Bookbinding

We stopped by an open studio/holiday sale to see our friends Judith and Terri in action. Judith’s specialty is bookmaking, and she also repairs old books. People want this type of high level craft in their lives. Look how popular the the DodoCase for the iPad has become. Now, if only Judith had something I could link to… We gotta get her goods online!

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Jenny Sigler – More Fashion Accessories from Thrift Store Jeans

Denim purse - recycled jeans

Cleaning out some “filed” emails I came across this one from almost three years ago.  Better than late than never I’m posting another project by my Mom. In her own words:

Hi Tracy,

When I was talking to you about making the jean purse and items for  Paris and Mars, I mentioned that I had also picked up a pair of embroidered jeans that I was going to make something out of for Ally for Christmas.  I finally got around to finishing it up this morning, so as you said to do – I took a picture. Read the rest of this post »

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Robert Sigler – Copper Sunflowers Sculpture

That’s my dad! Usually the dude is busy doing things for other people, but once in a while he cranks out a project for himself. He makes it seem easy to make this copper sunflowers sculpture, and for him it probably was. He’s got the gear, and the skills. Dad used a nibbler to cut everything out but you can definitely use a bandsaw with the right blade or maybe even a jigsaw. Snips? I doubt it, with copper this thick. Once he had all the pieces fabbed up he used an oxy-acetylene torch to braze everything together.

Now you know. Go make your own thing.

More photos of this copper sunflowers sculpture

Robert Sigler - Copper Sunflowers Sculpture

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Robin Sigler – Portrait Paintings

I recorded this interview with my uncle, Robin Sigler, on Christmas Eve 2009. It’s taken me a while to edit it together with some related photos.  I like his philosophy that you don’t have to paint things exactly as you see them. As I watch it and hear all the conversations and dogs whining in the background I feel like I’m back at my parents’ house during the holidays. And I always enjoy our time there.

I have a lot more photographs of Robin’s painting and will eventually add them to the site.

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Jan Gear – Embroidered Pillow Cases

You can run, but you can’t hide from me when I’m carrying the Flip. This latest ambush is with my aunt Jan. For Christmas she made some very fancy embroidered pillow cases for my parents. I can’t imagine sweating and drooling on these masterpieces so I’m guessing they’re ornamental.

I dropped the ball and forgot to get photos while I was there, but I think you can see clearly enough from the video that pillow cases have a lot of detail. Gifts like this really are special, and not just because of the significant amount of time it takes to make something like this. In this (pillow) case it was about 20 hours for the pair.

One year I tried to make every gift I gave, and it just about killed me. Props to everyone makin’ stuff.

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