Christmas Card 2009 – Snowflakes

I left the video camera running while we did this. The whole shoot took about 30 minutes. I think Paris had the idea for snowflakes. Originally, I wanted to recruit a ton of people, dozens at least, to make one giant snowflake somewhere in downtown Asheville, and shoot it from a building. But the ladies were thumbs down on that. I still may do it one year. That’s a lot of white clothes!

We hope you like it. If you haven’t gotten yours yet and you know you’re on the list email me. We still have a small batch that hasn’t been mailed. If you want one, no matter who you are, just let me know. We have a small number left.

Christmas Card 2009 - Snowflakes

Christmas Card 2009 - Snowflakes

Here are some individual snowflake photos.

Christmas cards from previous years.

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6 responses to “Christmas Card 2009 – Snowflakes”

  1. Another great one! Getting your card is a highlight of the holidays, followed only by seeing the blog post that shows the behind the scenes action. It’s better than director’s commentary on a DVD :-)

    Hope things are good with you guys. Let’s catch up soon, wanna hear what you’ve been up to.


  2. My favorite part, “I don’t know anyone who does this.” “That is why we are awesome!”

  3. Awesome card this year, as always. Seriously, one of the highlights of every holiday season is the envelope we get from NC. And a making-of vid w/a swingin’ soundtrack? Icing on the cake. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sigler Family!!

  4. Thanks guys. We all need to talk more often. I hope to see you in person at some point this year.

  5. As always, our favorite card of the year! Hope to see you all again soon. Thanks!

    – R

  6. I love all of your Christmas cards.

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